The DIY Nipple Making

Inverted nipples are a headache to many people. Sadly not everyone knows that you can make them into the regular nipples. You can do it manually or use other methods. Below is a list of how to make a nipple.
Manually.Place your thumbs at the base of it but on opposite sides. Then pull them away from each other just in the position that they were. Do that for all directions. You can do this as many times as you can so long as you’re comfortable. Doing the exercise regularly will break the bonds at the bottom of the nipple which makes it inverted.
Other methods include using breast shells which you can find at maternally related stores or any online shop that deals with women. They usually have a small hole which you position your nipple in. The shells usually apply pressure to your nipple enhancing them to stay erect. You can also use a needless syringe to make nipples. This you do by placing it over your nipple and pushing the plunger in. Then pull it out. That has the same effect as that of the breast shells. If these manual methods do not work then it is advisable you consult your doctor because corrective surgery can also be used to make a nipple.